Middle Eastern Cooking

Sharp spices and condiments accent simple, yet beautiful foods like hummus, tahini and tabouleh in Middle Eastern cooking. Tahini is a great example of this, often used as a dip, dressing or in marinades, this versatile condiment is made using only sesame paste and lemon juice, parsley, garlic and olive oil. Add some chickpeas and you have hummus to go with your falafel.

Beans, like ful medames or fava beans and other legumes are prominently featured in Middle Eastern dishes. Fresh salads and unusual, but surprisingly delicious items like pickled turnips also make this delicious cuisine one to experiment with when seeking culinary inspiration at mealtime.


Mediterranean Cooking

The style of Mediterranean cooking is that of rich foods accented with light, fresh ingredients. Delicious and good for you olive oil plays a major role, whether in Greek pilaf or risotto and even a simple plate of tomatoes becomes an elegant dish when complemented by a drizzle of the best olive oil.

Mediterranean cooking incorporates ingredients and sensibilities from North Africa and the Middle East. You'll find vegetables tucked into almost every dish, making this cuisine one of the most flavorful and healthy ways of cooking!


Asian Cooking

The style of Asian cooking is a broad brush to paint with since it encompasses cuisines from China to India and everything in between. Depending on the location, you may find an emphasis on fermented foods, as in Korean cooking, or base ingredients like lentils and chickpeas dominating the menu.

There is a vast difference between a Japanese, Thai and Indian curries, but all three bring fresh ingredients together with regional spices and flavor to produce delicious creations.


Latin American Cooking

Latin American cuisine shows the influence of history as newcomers from Africa, Spain, and other parts of Europe adapted their own dishes to the amazing foods they found in the Western Hemisphere. Like Asian cooking, you must bear in mind that there are differences in regions of a country just as there are differences between countries themselves - generally due to availability of ingredients.

Your may find seviche, raw fish in a citrus marinade, close to the sea, while dishes reliant on corn and legumes may be found further inland. One thing that remains constant is the celebration of eating, and the explosion of unique flavors found throughout this cuisine.