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Rice Pilafs and Blends


Rice Pilaf is typically a blend of rice, spices and toasted pasta. Pilafs can also have ingredients added such as other grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables, meat or seafood -- the variations are as endless as your creativity!

Our rice blends combine long grain rice with nutty, chewy wild rice to bring a change of taste and texture to your table.

Each of our Near East® Pilafs and Rice Blend products come with a separate packet containing a unique blend of herbs, spices and other special ingredients to create an authentic flavor from around the world! Whether you serve them as a side dish, as the package directs, or in main dishes like the ones featured in our recipe section, our rice pilafs are a perfect addition to any meal.

A number of our pilaf and rice blend items are Kosher certified *OU*.

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